2 Ways to Save on the ACNT, and Other Easter Deals!

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The Easter sale contains over 50 products at incredible discounts, and within this massive lineup are some best-selling gems of biblical scholarship.

Through April 4, save up to 40% and get a free book when you take advantage of our Easter special.

Answer New Testament questions with expert commentary

augsburg-commentary-on-the-new-testamentYou may have picked up last month’s Free Book of the Month and Plus One. If you did, then you’re eligible for a an exclusive authorship discount on the full 15-volume Augsburg Comentary on the New Testament.

During the Easter sale, you can get over 25% off this series plus your Dynamic Pricing discount when you upgrade to the whole collection.

Each volume in the ACNT contains an introduction and topical overview of each book of the New Testament, along with an account of that book’s influence in church history, such as the impact of Romans on Augustine, Wesley, and Barth, as well as Martin Luther’s appraisal of James. The authors also discuss textual issues, historical topics such as authorship and dating, as well as literary conventions and exegetical and interpretive challenges.

Each commentary concludes with a bibliography of other books, articles, and reference works to consult for further study.

Build your library with the 15-volumes  ACNT.

Unwrap the unspeakably cruel death of Christ

crucifixion-in-the-ancient-world-and-the-folly-of-the-message-of-the-crossSave 28% on Crucifixion: In the Ancient World and the Folly of the Message of the Cross through April 4.

In a comprehensive and detailed survey on its remarkably widespread employment in the Roman empire, Dr. Hengel examines the way in which “the most vile death of the cross” was regarded in the Greek-speaking world and particularly in Roman-occupied Palestine.

His conclusions bring out the offensiveness of the Christian message: Jesus not only died an unspeakably cruel death, he underwent the most contemptible abasement that could be imagined.

Discover the repugnant gruesome reality of the cross—that a natural tendency prevails to blunt, remove, or domesticate its scandalous impact.

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