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lutheran-theologyWhen Martin Luther wrote his 95 Theses it sparked a theological revolution throughout the Christian world. The theology that emerged as a result of his devotion identified two essential aspects to the relationship between humanity and God: Law and Gospel.

It made a simple but profoundly influential claim—that it was not works of the law that makes a person right before God’s final judgment, but rather the Gospel of Christ’s death on the cross for sinners.

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Get Nearly 30% Off The Lutheran Study Bible

This Black Friday, get the best-selling Lutheran Study Bible and engage in devotional, the-lutheran-study-bibleChrist-centered Bible reading and study with comprehensive notes written by prominent Lutheran scholars.

The Lutheran Study Bible is the first of its kind to be developed from the ground up in English. This study Bible delivers meaningful insights in the clearest perspective for Christians of any age or background. Explore one of the most popular Lutheran resources and save nearly 30% today.

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Take Your Bible Study Deeper


Lutheran Meta Share Announcement - 750x394The latest in Lutheran study tools is now available! Logos 6 Lutheran powers your study with innovative new features and capabilities. Below are several new-to-Logos-6 capabilities and features that will get you excited.

  • Textual Variants: enter any passage or verse and explore the textual differences with all of your critical resources.
  • Morph Chart: enter any Greek or Hebrew lemma and expose its morphological forms.
  • Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutors: learn how to write and pronounce Greek and Hebrew words.
  • Cultural Concepts: get help deriving contemporary applications from the Word.
  • Bible Book Guides: find everything your library has to say about the background of a biblical book.
  • Visual Copy: create elegant, share-worthy slides in seconds.
  • Factbook: search any biblical topic and get instant access to textual and visual information from across your library.
  • Atlas: visualize biblical narratives in their geographical context.
  • Everything Search: Perform searches across everything in your library and get results from Factbook and other relevant resources.

We get it—you’re looking for a better way to study the Bible. You want more insight, in less time. At Faithlife, Bible study is not just what our software helps you do. Bible study is our passion and Logos 6 is the result of that passion.

Key Resources from the Logos 6 Lutheran Platinum Library:


  • Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (16 vols.)
  • Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament (12 vols.)
  • Continental Commentary Series (19 vols.)
  • Select Studies in Martin Luther’s Life and Influence (29 vols.)
  • UBS Handbook Series Old & New Testament Collection (55 vols.)

Logos 6 is the most comprehensive tool that helps to deliver more insight to your studies, sermons, or lessons.

Get all of Logos 6’s tools, plus a world-class Lutheran library with hundreds of resources at introductory pricing today!

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