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The latest in Lutheran study tools in now available! Logos 6 Lutheran powers your study with powerful new features and capabilities. Get all of Logos 6’s tools, plus a world-class Lutheran library with hundreds of resources today!

Logos 6 introduces you to dozens of new and updated features. Below I’ve listed out by category several new-to-Logos-6 capabilities that will get you excited.

Do innovative original-language study

As a Lutheran, the importance of original language studies cannot be stressed enough. In response, our developers focused on making the study of Greek and Hebrew more accessible to all. They built new datasets, features, and tools that will help you gain a stronger understanding of the text. Here are just a few:

Textual Variants

Enter any passage or verse and explore the textual differences with all of your critical resources. No more complex layouts or time-consuming library searches—the new Textual Variants tool lets you investigate textual differences, consult textual commentaries, compare ancient versions and manuscripts, and view extant manuscripts online—all within a single guide report.

Morph Chart

Discover in-depth original-language information with cutting-edge tools. The new Morph Chart lets you enter any Greek or Hebrew lemma and expose its morphological forms and distribution in seconds.


Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutors

The new Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutor shows you how to write and pronounce Greek and Hebrew words, and it’s perfect for anyone wanting to master the basics of the original languages.

Bring fresh insight to your teaching

Part of teaching means bringing the biblical text to life: explaining the cultural concepts, the intentions of the writers, what the text meant to the people it was written to, and ultimately what it means to us today. With a variety of new features, Logos 6 assists you along every step of the hermenuetical path:

Cultural Concepts

The Cultural Concepts tool helps you contextualize the Word, so that you can confidently derive contemporary applications from it. From concepts like religious activities, food, music, birth and death practices, marriage rituals, and economic structures, this new tool identifies and defines over 1,000 cultural concepts across 80,000 hand-labeled tags.

Bible Book guides

Quickly find everything your library has to say about the background of a biblical book. Bible Book Guides gives you access to textual and visual resources that help you craft an exhaustive introduction to any book of the Bible.

Visual Copy

Create elegant, share-worthy slides in seconds. With Visual Copy you can right click any text, image, or quote and instantly convert it into an image for stunning presentations and inspirational social-media posts.

Fuel your Bible study

We get it—your looking for a better way to study the Bible. You want more insight, in less time. At Faithlife, Bible study is not just what our software helps you do. Bible study is our passion and Logos 6 is simply the result of that passion. We believe that Logos 6 is the most comprehensive tool to deliver insight to your studies, sermons, or lessons, and here are a few new features to show you why:


With Logos 6 you can search any biblical topic and get instant access to textual and visual information from across your library. The new Factbook functions like an encyclopedia, pulling together all of your datasets, resources, Interactive Media, and Media Collections, then presenting powerful overviews of each topic that serve as gateways to new discoveries.



The new Atlas tool lets you visualize biblical narratives in their geographical context. Browse dozens of new maps, created by a professional cartographer, that offer powerful functionality—including zoom options and panning.

Everything Search

Perform searches across everything in your library and get results from Factbook, relevant resources, Bible verses, media, maps, original-language data, and more.

All-New Lutheran Platinum

Our Lutheran family of base packages now includes Lutheran Platinum.  With all of Logos 6’s tools, plus over 1,000 resources, Logos 6 Lutheran lets you do better academic study within the Lutheran tradition. Key included resources:

  • Forms of the Old Testament Literature Series (FOTL) (18 vols.) – $243.99
  • The Greek Testament (8 vols.) – $199.95
  • The Encyclopedia of Christianity, vols. 1-5 – $349.95
  • Ugaritic Library (12 vols.) – $429.95
  • The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English – $249.95
  • Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament – $112.95
  • UBS Handbook Series Old & New Testament Collection (55 vols.) – $659.95

Total (if purchased separately): $2,232.69

The great part about Lutheran Platinum is it’s value. The seven resources listed above could be purchased separately for over $2,200, or you could pay less for Lutheran Platinum and also get an additional 900+ resources.

Logos 6 is the most comprehensive Bible software yet. Get a base-package tailored to your studies today and discover all that Logos 6 can do for you.

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